August 2, 2019
1 Year, 8 months and 9 days since
our celebration.
This website will serve as our means of information and communication as we plan the 2nd Isaac A. David, Sr. Family Reunion during the summer of 2019.

Greetings David Family,

We're back! The 2019 David Family Reunion has been set for August 2 - 4 in the Raleigh-Durham area, and you’re personally invited to a joyful, wonderful and grand event.

We're pleased to announce the Hyatt House, located in Raleigh North Hills as our host hotel. The 2019 Host Committee is in the planning stages and will be updating you regularly using our newsletter platform, our Facebook, website, and Instagram (@mydavidfam1) pages.

The Reunion Planning Committee needs your help, support, prayers and diligent cooperation to make this an excellent event. Please confirm your attendance by registering on our website at: 

Note: The hotel rate is separate from the reunion registration fee.

The Reunion Planning Committee needs your help, support, prayers, and diligent cooperation to make this an excellent event and enable us to springboard into greater efforts for future reunions.

This reunion’s theme: We’re Still Elated To Be Related!
This promises to be a time of remembering – rejoicing – recreating – renewing – and refreshing, but our major purpose is to unite and reunite and to recall the history and traditions of the David Family.

Details regarding the Reunion Agenda, Registration Fees and Lodging are provided on the website. For more information, please go to the reunion website.

You are encouraged to register on the website or by sending your contact information to:

If you are aware of any other family members that we can share this news with, please forward their contact information to me. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

2019 David Family Reunion Planning Committee
Mac DeShield and Carnley Norman - Co-Chairs
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